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Our Services


Regardless of whether you are a limited company, self-employed business person or operate as a partnership entity; We take care of all the background computations, make sure everything is in good check with guidelines and prepare your accounts in good time. Alongside companies house or HMRC, there may also be a vast number of instructions or establishments who may need to peek at your accounts. It could be for a mortgage or for any other reason and we endeavour to make sure they get it on time, so your objective is fulfilled as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


We know that the notion of VAT can be daunting for start-ups and SMEs. It definitely comes across as an extensively complicated system with a range of variables, rules and necessary filing procedures. However, at Grindstone Accountants, we are well acquainted with and ready to untangle there processes for you. From aspects of record-keeping to bookkeeping, submissions and other special filing requirements such as EC Sales lists; we are here to lighten your load. Our consultants have many years of experience in the field and are on hand to ensure everything is correct and received by HMRC on time.


Rather than taking a traditional and transactional approach whereby your accounts are left to their elements until the filing date; we pursue a range of practices which build focus on extensive tax planning services early-on during your fiscal year. This includes consulting on best policies to minimise your income tax and corporation tax liabilities as well as guidance and follow-ups throughout the year.


Keeping your business payroll in-line is an important task. Incorrect reporting could not only leave you with the burden of additional; taxation or penalties but could also impact your valued employees. We will ensure that you have real time information about the status of employees, provide payslips (prints or digital), keep ahead of NIC payments and make certain that everyone is clear the beginning of the following month.


Very few people plan to allocate hours and hours of their time to recording transactions, keeping ahead of finances or classifying hundreds of different receipts when they first start up a business. We are here to relieve you of that headache. Grindstone Accountants provides quality, timely and accurate bookkeeping solutions whilst you are focusing on trading or providing your services.


New Start-up? Visa Applications?, A Loan Application?

Regardless of the nature of the proposal and along with the insights of our experienced writers, we want to ‘sail to port’ your proposal. We will consult, brief, and draw up a template for your proposal. We will then scrutinize the objective and carry out the relevant research. Once everything is in check, we will compile the plan and advise as necessary. There is nothing like hearing the news of a good outcome to set you on your way.

Our Other Services

Company Formations

Business Startups

Company Secretarial Services

Minicab/Taxi/UBER Accounts

Rental income Accounts

Investment portfolios

Partnership Accounts

Business Acquisitions

Management Accounts

Capital Gain Tax

Inheritance Tax

Budgeting and Forecasting

HMRC investigation

Tax Planning



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